Exhibiting at the CIH conference....


Last week, we held an exhibition stand for the first time at the CIH conference in Manchester to promote the Resettlement Passport.  It was a great opportunity to connect with people from Housing Associations and Local Authorities from around the country.

We decided to set our stand up like a living room to communicate our story that we're helping people to set up their own homes and make a house a home.  It was clear from the people we spoke to that there is a need for the Resettlement Passport to support vulnerable tenants to improve tenancy sustainment.

It was also a great opportunity to hear about what is happening in the wider housing world and in particular how Housing Associations, Local Authorities and the Third Sector are working together to tackle homelessness.  During one of the workshops I attended 'Reducing homelessness through partnerships and collaboration,' we heard how St Basils are working together with Housing Associations and the Local Authorities in the Midlands to prevent homelessness, at the earliest stage possible. 

Jennifer Travassos, from Westminster City Council spoke about their work to prevent and reduce homelessness through working with Shelter and other providers and speaking to people who had become homeless to find out where they could have identified them earlier.   This led to them training a cafe owner who had contact with several people in the weeks leading up to them becoming homeless.   This passion to tackle homelessness and to try new approaches that reach people before they have no choice but to move into temporary accommodation was inspiring and encouraging. 

Our Resettlement Passport is just one piece of the preventing homelessness jigsaw.

Hannah McCowen, Resettlement Passport Co-ordinator


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