Data Crunching Time...


Since we started talking to people about the Resettlement Passport, we've always been asked, "And what about your data?"  "What proof have you got that your course is making a difference?."  Now, thanks to Chris in Local Solution's IT team - we're able to display the data that the online course has captured, and it makes encouraging reading. 

To date, 60 people have completed the online course and we can see that: 

  • 88% of people say completing the course improved their confidence levels
  • 46% felt more confident about accessing help with debts and money issues
  • 44% felt more confident paying council tax
  • 39% felt more confident about paying for gas/electric/water/TV licence
  • 37% of people felt more confident dealing with difficult neighbours.

The demographic data also gives a picture of the vulnerabilities of some of the people completing the course, including the fact that 46% of learners to date report they have been in care, 38% have experienced homelessness and 31% identify that they have experienced mental health issues.  

Of course we will continue to talk about the human stories (Read some of them here) and the human impact but it's good to have some figures too.  The next stage will be working with organisations to assess the impact on tenancy sustainment.  But for now, take a look at the report so far: 

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