Get your staff trained in the New Year....


Supporting vulnerable people who face issues with housing and living independently? Want to feel better equipped? Want to ensure your team have the skills they need to support people effectively? We've got 2 excellent courses that you can book people onto for the new year:

1. How to Use Resettlement Passport
An interactive course that gives people:
An overview of the Resettlement Passport and the needs it is addressing
An understanding of how to use both the online and offline course with people they support
Practical experience of delivering the course

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2. Supporting people to sustain Tenancies
This highly interactive course is a mix of discussion, videos and practical exercises that covers:
How to promote problem solving skills, independent living skills, protective factors and resilience through the support provided
Examples of good practice around supporting people to live independently including managing the move-on period and giving people tools to use in the event of crises.
How to best support people with multiple needs

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We'll be hosting the training in Liverpool on 22nd Jan, 26th Feb, 25th March.  We can deliver the training around the UK, so if you would like training closer to home, please contact us to arrange a quote. 

"Enjoyed Meeting other professionals and learning what works for them in terms of best practice"

"Found learning about the modules and how to deliver them really useful."

"Very practical and pertinent to our role. Learnt how to manage Universal Credit more efficiently with my clients"


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