Chloe moves onto University, after completing Resettlement Passport


A huge congratulations to Chloe who has moved on from Local Solutions' Sefton Supported Lodgings project to study Nursing at university, having completed the Resettlement Passport.  

Chloe first moved into a Supported Lodgings placement when she was 16. Before this she had been living with her aunt and uncle as a result of the lack of stability beforehand. Unfortunately Chloe could no longer continue to live with them in a way that would allow her to continue her education.

Supported Lodgings provides homeless young people Aged 16-21 with family style accommodation. Young people are accommodated with registered ‘Householders’ in their homes, they have their own room and share the kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Phil, Chloe's support worker in Supported Lodgings recalls how she showed apprehension to moving in with our Householders

"I supported Chloe for the 2 years she was accommodated with Sefton Supported Lodgings and seen the huge and positive progress she achieved in this time. When Chloe first came to SSL she was quite shy and very nervous about moving into a house with people she did not know especially given she was only 16 years old"

However, within a short space of time Chloe had built a friendly relationship with her householders and it was as if she had always lived there.

Whilst young people are staying with householders, they receive support to develop independent living skills such as budgeting, cooking etc. They also receive support with accessing further training, education or employment.

Chloe made huge progress during the placement. She engaged with the support on offer, completed Resettlement Passport, applied for student finance and was awarded the Unite Scholarship Foundation which will cover her accommodation costs.  

Congratulations Chloe - we wish you all the best for your studies!


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