Survey Results: Organisations using Resettlement Passport


This year for the first time, we invited organisations that use Resettlement Passport to take part in a survey to get feedback on how they are using the course, the impact it is having and to help us shape the course for the future.  A huge thank you to the nine organisations which took part.  Here are the results…

Who took part in the Survey?
Nine organisations took part and these represented many of the types of the 41 organisations we work with – two leaving care teams, two homeless services, two housing associations, two local authorities and a youth offending service.  One was based in Scotland, one in Wales and the remainder in England. 

How many people have they worked with this year?
Between the organisations, they have engaged 118 people with the Resettlement Passport, in the last year. 

What impact have organisations seen when people complete the course?
(8 organisations took part in this question)

  • 8 out of 8 organisations report seeing an increased understanding of the responsibilities of being a tenant
  • 6 out of 8 organisations report seeing an improved ability to manage a tenancy.
  • 5 out of 8 report seeing an improved ability around budgeting and paying bills
  • 5 out of 8 report seeing a higher likelihood of people reporting difficulties and seeking support when needed. 

What impact have organisations seen on tenancy sustainment? 
(7 organisations took part in this question)

6 out of 7 organisations said they have seen a positive impact on tenancy sustainment, when people complete the course.

Has the course impacted anyone in particular?

‘It assisted a care leaver to sustain a tenancy after previously losing one’ – Wirral Leaving Care 

‘He has made a payment plan and kept to it to be able to stay in tenancy.’ Salford Foyer

‘Tenants are asking for support and are more aware of their neighbours.’ Salford Foyer

‘It supported a young person in increasing his own responsibilities to claiming benefits. ’ Knowsley Youth Offending Service.

‘A group of care leavers are maintaining their own tenancies due to completing the course.’ Hull Targeted Youth Support

Which units came out as the most and least useful?
The unit on Benefits and Budgeting came out as the clear winner, followed by the units on ‘Managing Your Tenancy’ and ‘Avoiding Debt.’  The units on ‘Community Awareness and Isolation’ and ‘Housekeeping and DIY’ were stilled deemed useful but came in last. 

A confession though at this point that the unit on ‘Security Emergencies and Fire’ failed to make it onto the survey – This is a unit that we created in response to young people telling us managing the security of their property was one of their main concerns.  We’ve just updated this unit too to include a worksheet on Fire prevention and creating Fire escape plans.  We’ll make sure that this unit makes it onto the survey next year!

If you are using the offline course (Booklets and worksheets) please do make sure you’re using the 2019 updated materials and get in touch if you need to get hold of them. 

What about the bad news?
One organisation fed back that they were struggling to embed the course into their work and this was frustrating.   We appreciate that this is a challenge for all of the organisations we work with, given competing demands.

Another organisations said they were developing materials around relationships, health and appropriate behavior which are issues impacting tenancy sustainment, alongside Resettlement Passport.  This sounds great and is something Local Solutions is also developing as part of our mentoring work in our Young Person's Hub – watch this space….

What did people say about the staff training on offer?
All nine organisations engaged with the staff training that we offer – this is something we’ve found has really helped organisations to embed using the resource into their practice.  Here are their comments:

‘Helped to develop team understanding and ownership.’ Knowsley YOS

 ‘Staff reported training was excellent’ – Wirral Leaving Care

‘The training gave a good understanding of how to deliver the course.’ Sheffield Leaving Care

‘Really helped to know how to deliver the program.’ Salford Foyer.

A huge thank you to the organisations who took part in this survey.  It is great to hear how the course is having an impact through frontline services on people’s confidence and skills around sustaining tenancies and ultimately on tenancy sustainment. 

And for those of you wondering how the picture above links in...many of us are working with people at risk of losing their homes - hopefully this resource will give that house a massive shove back onto the solid ground.  



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