Never been a better time to use the Resettlement Passport & our staff training goes online


Housing associations, homeless services and floating support services are having to find new ways of working at the moment, due to the coronavirus lockdown.  At the same time, many of the people that we are supporting are having a more challenging time of it, due to being separated from their support systems, increased costs of living and a lack of the usual structures that education and regular activities provide to us all. 

We've started to deliver our staff training courses online - in response to the current situation - and we believe this very difficult time is actually an ideal time to consider increasing the use of the Resettlement Passport or starting to use it for the first time. 

Staff training

We are delivering both of our courses How to use the Resettlement Passport and Supporting People to sustain Tenancies online in shortened versions, but still incorporating discussion where possible.  Please do get in touch if you would like to find out about upcoming dates.

Offering the Resettlement Passport Online to the people you support

The Resettlement Passport gives people the skills they need to sustain tenancies.  It is highly practical covering everything from reading a meter, making a budget, planning a fire escape route to understanding APR. 

With our online course, organisations can register learners, provide them with a login for the course and monitor their progress remotely - giving the people they support the opportunity to gain skills, even while locked down. 

86% of organisations who use Resettlement Passport recognise a positive impact on tenancy sustainment.  

January 2020 Survey 

Why not consider a pilot project during this lockdown period and give the people you support a valuable resource that will set them up for a stronger future?

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