Local Authorities


A number of Local Authorities have purchased the Resettlement Passport to use in a variety of ways.

These include:

  • Knowsley Council – who are using the course within all of their homeless support services and Leaving Care Team.
  • Powys Council – Planning to use the course within their Supporting People services and to support vulnerable people applying for properties in their housing stock.
  • Flintshire Council – Using the course in all of their Supporting People services and asked us to train all of the staff from these services.
  • West Lancashire Council – Using the course to support prospective tenants applying for a property in their housing stock.

“Knowsley Council decided to purchase the resettlement passport so that all supported housing services could use them to assist with resettling their residents. We have also included the leaving care team so that our care leavers are given realistic advice and information for living independently. We hope the passport will ultimately reduce the number of people who fail in their tenancies and present as homeless again.”

Dalite Lucy, Housing Strategy Team, Knowsley Council.

The course can be used flexibly, according to the needs of the people you are working with. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss the potential of working together.





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