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The Resettlement Passport is a useful resource for housing officers who are looking for ways to support vulnerable tenants and prospective tenants.

There are currently 9 Housing Associations (June 18) who are using the Resettlement Passport to support their tenants. They are all using the course in different ways, according to their individual contexts.

This includes:

  • Asking all applicants to complete the course or certain units as they come to the top of the housing list
  • Where prospective tenants are identified as being potentially vulnerable, asking them to complete the course
  • Targeting the course for first time tenancy holders
  • Working with the local leaving care team to promote the use of the course and counting the completion of the course as equivalent to one reference
  • Offering the course as part of the housing association’s training offer

Both the online and offline course can be used flexibly according to the needs of tenants.

“Importantly, the Resettlement Passport has been designed from a user perspective, offering online and mobile access to practical tools and learning resources. Since seeing the RP and experiencing the person-centred focus and passion of the LS Team, I have recommended that all my housing clients take a look at this innovative, valuable and cost-effective product, especially as any profit is reinvested in bursaries for younger people.”

Tony Newman, Lead Associate Housing Quality Network

We have worked closely with Housing Associations during the development of the Resettlement Passport, incorporating much of the information that landlords communicate to tenants on sign up, in an interactive way. We received a warm reception from Merseyside Housing Associations when we approached them for endorsement for the original offline course, with 8 Housing Associations endorsing the course. We’re also continuing to work closely with One Ark, part of the First Ark group who generously invested in the online version of the course.

Please do contact us if you would like to discuss the potential of working together.





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