Testimonials and Impact

To find out about the impact that completing the Resettlement Passport has had so far, please take a look at our Impact Data and testimonials.


Liam, a young person who completed Resettlement Passport, as part of Wirral Supported Lodgings agreed to share his experiences of using the course with us. 

ForHousing started using the Resettlement Passport in 2017. They chose to target care leavers and first time tenancy holders. As an incentive, care leavers who completed the course could use this as one of their references to apply for housing. ForHousing opted for the online version of the course as it supported their digital inclusion agenda.  A big thank you to their team for sharing the impact this is having on tenancy sustainment. 

Data is collected pre and post completing the online course.  We are also working with providers to assess the impact of completing the course on tenancy sustainment. 


Amarlia, a young person supported by Knowsley Supported Lodgings recently completed the Resettlement Passport and kindly agreed to share her views.

The Housing Strategy Team at Knowsley Council decided to purchase the Resettlement Passport to use within their Supported Housing services and Leaving Care Team, as a preventative resource.

Kayleigh was supported by one of Local Solutions’ services.  

Congratulations to Graz, who started university in September 2017.  Graz completed the Resettlement Passport while he was supported by Liverpool Supported Lodgings, Local Solutions.

Silva Homes (until recently known as Bracknell Forest Homes) is a Housing Association, near Reading with over 6000 homes.  They decided to pilot the Resettlement Passport with prospective tenants.

Tony Newman is a Lead Associate at the Housing Quality Network.  We have presented at several of his 'Off to a Flyer - a fresh look at pre-tenancy work' events.  

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