Impact Data

Impact of the Online Course:

Data is collected pre and post completing the online course.  The live report can be seen below of all users who have completed the Resettlement Passport.  To date (Nov 2019), we have seen that: 

  • 91% of people say completing the course improved their confidence levels
  • 42% felt more confident about accessing help with debts and money issues
  • 34% felt more confident paying council tax
  • 33% felt more confident about paying for gas/electric/water/TV licence
  • 33% of people felt more confident dealing with difficult neighbours.

The demographic data also gives a picture of the vulnerabilities of some of the people completing the course, including the fact that 47% of learners to date have been in care. 

Explore the live report:

Organisations using the online course will be able to access bespoke reports on the learners they have registered.

Impact on tenancy sustainment: 

We are working with providers to measure the impact on tenancy sustainment.  From our own homeless services in Local Solutions, we tracked who was still in a tenancy a year after moving on from the service, having completed the Resettlement Passport.  As most of these clients have complex needs, so the results are encouraging:



Impact of the offline Course:

We have developed a 'Survey monkey' survey that can be used to assess impact. Organisations using the offline course will be given access to this.  Results to date show that 89% of people felt completing the course had improved their confidence around managing a tenancy. 


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