Tony Newman

Tony Newman is a Lead Associate at the Housing Quality Network.  We have presented at several of his 'Off to a Flyer - a fresh look at pre-tenancy work' events.  

“Quite simply, the Resettlement Passport is an innovative and dynamic solution, bringing a positive change to people’s lives during challenging times.  I’ve seen compelling examples of how the Resettlement Passport, together with the support of the Local Solutions Team, is helping young and vulnerable people to build their knowledge, confidence and life skills.

This is an essential platform for facilitating a transition to stable housing, access to employment and training opportunities and successful money and household management.  With the programme of welfare reform rolling out, I see the Resettlement Passport as a valuable resource for housing providers in establishing and maintaining successful tenancies, reducing the risk of tenancy failure and the heavy financial and social cost of evictions. 

Importantly, the Resettlement Passport has been designed from a user perspective, offering online and mobile access to practical tools and learning resources.  Since seeing the Resettlement Passport and experiencing the person-centred focus and passion of the Local Solutions team, I have recommended that all my housing clients take a look at this innovative, valuable and cost-effective product, especially as any profit is reinvested in bursaries for younger people.” 



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