ForHousing Tenants Sustaining Tenancies

 ForHousing started using the Resettlement Passport in 2017. They chose to target care leavers and first time tenancy holders. As an incentive, care leavers who completed the course could use this as one of their references to apply for housing. ForHousing opted for the online version of the course as it supported their digital inclusion agenda.  A big thanks to their team for sharing the impact this is having on tenancy sustainment. 

To Date (June 2019):

• 26 care leavers have engaged with the online tenancy skills course.
• 13 of these young people have secured accommodation with Housing Associations, 9 of which have a tenancy with ForHousing.
• 80% of these young people said that completing the course increased their confidence around managing a tenancy
• 100% of these young people are successfully managing their tenancies. 
• Average length of tenancy is 10 months and continuing (to date)
• Feedback from young people shows that the course particularly helped them with managing relationships with neighbours, budgeting and managing benefits.

The team will continue to promote the course and monitor the impact on tenancy sustainment. 

‘The Resettlement Passport is a great initiative for City West Housing Trust. The introduction of the Resettlement Passport will further build upon our existing Pre Tenancy Programmes and allow for enhanced tenancy support measures to be implemented for our first time tenancy holders. We are delighted that our customers have already successfully engaged and completed the Passport and are now in a great position to access housing in the immediate future.’

Catherine Taylor, Neighbourhood Services Manager 

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