Amarlia's Story


Amarlia, a young person supported by Knowsley Supported Lodgings recently completed the Resettlement Passport and kindly agreed to share her views.

Did you complete the online course or the paper- based course?
The paper-based course

Which part of the Resettlement Passport did you find most useful?
The debt section and learning about APRs.

Is there anything you would change about the course?
No, the course was all good and useful.

Now you have completed the course how do you feel about your ability to maintain your own tenancy?
I feel more confident now I have gone through it, it made me learn more. It was easy to understand.

Have you got any concerns about moving into your own accommodation?
I was independent in a hostel before, so I already know how to cook and do things like putting the washing machine on. I have no concerns, apart from I don’t want to live in a ground floor flat.


Thanks Amarlia and we wish you all the best for the future!


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