The Course

The Resettlement Passport is a tenancy skills course designed to improve the skills and confidence of vulnerable people, taking on a tenancy – it is available online and offline.

Developed by staff working with homeless young people from Local Solutions' homelessness services, the course is now being used by housing associations, leaving care teams, hostels, mental health services and organisations working with people leaving prisons.

The course is made up of 10 units, covering areas key to sustaining a tenancy.  It is updated each year with new benefit and housing policy changes. 

Young and vulnerable people face significant challenges in setting up their own homes and maintaining their tenancies. The course was developed to be a preventative tool with the aim of reducing tenancy breakdowns which are costly to an individual’s wellbeing and are also hugely costly financially to housing associations and to society.



Our online course is mobile and tablet friendly, with the same content as the offline course. It has been designed to be very easy to use and benefits from embedded videos, inbuilt data collection and responsive exercises where learners are given immediate feedback on their answers.

The original offline Resettlement Passport Course can be delivered one-to-one or to groups. Many clients and customers find the offline course suits them well.

The Resettlement Passport course is made up of 10 units that address areas key to sustaining a tenancy. These units were chosen following consultation with support workers and the young people we were working with, when the course was developed.  

We are grateful to the eight North-West Housing Associations who endorsed the course, from the beginning. This adds credibility to the certificate that each person who completes the course receives.

Interested in Resettlement Passport but want more information? This short video will cover all of your information needs.

Price information for both the online and offline courses can be found here.

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