Online Course

Our online course is mobile and tablet friendly, covering the same 10 Units as the offline course. It has been designed to be very easy to use and benefits from embedded videos, inbuilt data collection and responsive exercises where learners are given immediate feedback on their answers.

The course itself is a mix of interactive exercises including quizzes, scenarios to discuss, videos to watch and templates to complete.

This is an excellent resource for organisations looking to promote digital inclusion. The course is easy to administrate and learners can complete the course independently or with support.

“Each task goes into every single detail you need to know. This is really confidence-building. Once you’ve gone through every task, by the end of each task you think ‘I know that now, I know that now.’ It makes you feel so much more confident about living on your own because you feel like you know all the knowledge you need to know.”

Kayleigh, 19

The course is designed to be used flexibly and organisations using the course with their clients can decide if they will ask people to complete the whole course or selected units – learners will be able to print off a certificate detailing the units they have completed when they have finished the course.

Data collection has been built into the course and organisations can request reports. While the resource is easy to use, we do recommend that organisations consider our training courses, so that staff can consider how best to use the course in practice.

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