Offline Course

The original offline Resettlement Passport Course can be delivered one-to-one or to groups. Many clients and customers find the offline course suits them well.

Each learner has a colourful booklet with a page for each unit which is signed off as they complete the course. This is accompanied by three or four interactive worksheets for each of the units. Organisations using the offline course will receive these materials, as well as session plans, answer guides and a certificate template.

The course itself is a mix of interactive exercises including quizzes, scenarios to discuss and templates to complete.

The course is designed to be used flexibly and organisations using the course with their clients can decide if they will ask people to complete the whole course or selected units.

"My experience using the resettlement passport was fantastic. This booklet gives you a brilliant insight to the requirement needed when starting a new home...... It teaches you life skills that are very important to live successfully without too much stress.... I was nervous but once I had started I got a great understanding of all the sections they are easy to understand and well explained."

Sarah, 30, Sunraye Hostel, Flintshire

The course has been endorsed by eight housing associations – these are listed on the back of the booklets and on the certificate – giving learners something to show potential landlords in the future.

While the materials are easy to use, we recommend our training course for organisations new to the resource to give staff the confidence to deliver the course and know how to embed it into their work. 

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