The 10 Units

The Resettlement Passport course is made up of 10 units that address areas key to sustaining a tenancy. These units were chosen following consultation with support workers and the young people we were working with, when the course was developed.  

The course materials also specifically target areas where tenancies often fail – for example we were aware that tenancies often fail where people do not respond to benefit letters, so we included sample benefit letters to look at and discuss the appropriate action.

Unit 1 – Understanding resettlement

An introduction to the different types of properties available, choiced-based lettings and bond schemes.

Unit 2- Managing your tenancy

This unit covers the process between viewing a property; signing for the property; the responsibilities of tenants and landlords and looks at different anti-social behaviour scenarios.

Unit 3 – Benefits and budgeting

A look at benefit letters, sanctions, creating a budget for your property, Universal Credit and how to budget monthly

Unit 4 – Shopping and cooking on a budget

This unit gets learners to think through how to shop and cook on a budget and find local bargains

Unit 5 – Setting up your own place

Learners will work out what they need for each room of their property and cost this out.  They will also identify shops and social media sites where they may find cheaper household items locally.

Unit 6 – Utilities

This unit looks at the different ways to pay for utilities, how to find the best deal, read a meter and save money.

Unit 7 – Security, emergencies and fire

What would you do in a flood? If the electric went off? How will you keep your property secure? 

Unit 8 – Housekeeping and DIY

This unit covers information about recycling, keeping your property clean, common household bugs and how to find out how to do basic DIY jobs such as painting or wall papering.

Unit 9 – Avoiding debt

Learners will think through the pros and cons of different credit options available, work out how %APR affects loan payments, work through examples from weekly payment shops and identify support agencies.

Unit 10 – Community awareness and isolation

This unit ask learners to identify resources in the area they want to live in, map out their support network and discuss strategies to reduce isolation and build their support network.

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