Online Course

Our online course is mobile and tablet friendly. It has been designed to be very easy to use and benefits from embedded videos and responsive exercises where learners are given immediate feedback on their answers.
The online version also benefits from inbuilt data collection to monitor the impact of the course with your clients.

Costings are as follows:
Up to 50 logins £20 pp. per login.
50 + logins £15 pp. per login.

Offline Hardcopy

Each learner will receive a colourful booklet with a page for each unit which is signed off as they complete the course, this is accompanied by a glossy workbook filled with work sheets for each of the units, which some learners may prefer.
Organisations using the offline course will receive session plans, answer guides and evaluation forms to help monitor and evaluate impact.
Costings are as follows:
Initial cost for all resources £50.00 (one off payment for resources)
Workbooks and progress booklets: £30.00 pp.

Training Sessions

Costings are as follows: £30.00 per attendee.
Currently we are offering one training session, duration 90 minutes. It is delivered via zoom with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 attendees and is available twice monthly throughout the year. The course generally covers the following:

  1. Setting a context for understanding Resettlement Passport.
  2. Increasing awareness around the challenges young people face in resettlement and the impact of a tenancy breakdown.
  3. How to access and use the online content.

Other resources available include:

Personal and Social Development Workbook

Training, Education and Employment Workbook

Life Skills Workbook

All prices are subject to 20% VAT



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