Offline Course

Organisations need to purchase an ‘Initial Pack’ to get the course materials on a memory stick or via online transfer and then can choose how many booklets are needed.  Each learner will need a booklet.

Initial Pack: £325
Booklets: £5 each
Annual Updated Course Materials: £95

Online Course

Costs will depend on the number of logins that are purchased.  While online logins do not expire, they are only guaranteed to be available 2 years from date of purchase.

500 Logins: £5,000 (£10pp)
250 Logins: £3,125 (£12.50pp)
100 Logins: £1,500 (£15pp)
50 Logins: £900 (£18pp)
20 Logins: £400 (£20pp)

Please note all these costs are subject to VAT. Please contact us to make an order. 


Profits from the sale of the Resettlement Passport will go into a bursary fund to help young people moving on from Local Solutions’ services furnish their properties, where other council and grant support is not available or sufficient. Being able to properly furnish a property and ‘make a house a home’ is a key factor. 

Organisations using the course have the added bonus of knowing their funds – extra value


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