Financial Inclusion Workshops

We offer financial inclusion workshops across the North-West. The workshop are highly interactive using discussion, videos, scenarios for people to talk through as well as materials from the relevant units of the Resettlement Passport.

Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your clients or tenants and previous sessions have included:

  1. Getting on top of your budget - Budgeting, ingoing and outgoing costs, priorities, how to stay on top of benefits, Universal Credit and ways to budget monthly
  2. Savvy shopping and cooking - How to shop and cook on a budget, finding affordable furniture and household items, taste-testing brand and non-brand items 
  3. The Truth behind % APR - Different types of credit, positives and negative of credit, APR, weekly payment shops, what to do if you have debt issues.

Each session ends with getting the group to identify their top tips for people in their community.

57% of people felt confident supporting other people with their budgeting After the ‘Getting on top of your budget’ session, compared to just 25% before.

Sessions held with Villages Housing Tenants Association

Time: Flexible
Costs: Please contact us for a quote
Group size: 6 to 12
Suitable for: Any groups who would benefit from improved financial knowledge and skills; Community champions and peer mentors in the community


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