Delivery of Resettlement Passport Course


Currently we are offering a training session delivered online that is available twice monthly throughout the year. The course is designed to support organisations new to the Resettlement Passport to feel confident in understanding and delivering the content. Throughout trainees are encouraged to discuss the content and share experiences in relations to their organisation and the people they support. The session covers:

  1. Setting a context for understanding Resettlement Passport.
  2. Increasing awareness around the challenges young people face in resettlement and the impact of a tenancy breakdown.
  3. How to access and use the online content.
  4. Discussion on how to embed it into practice

The course will be delivered by a trainer, with experience of supporting people to gain the skills and knowledge they need to sustain a tenancy.

Time: 90 minutes (can vary depending on the level of participation from trainees).
Delivery: Online
Costs: £30pp (excluding VAT 20%)
Group size: 5 to 10
Suitable for: Any group who would benefit from completing the Resettlement Passport course.





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